Live Blood Analysis (LBA)

The current changing environment inevitably causes health problems. Even though some people put much effort in taking care of their health, it’s definitely better to go for health check-up in order to prevent causes of diseases.

Live blood analysis is a method to observe live blood cells with the venipuncture by piercing on a patient’s fingertip. Blood cells will be analyzed through ‘Transformation Darkfield Microscope’ for any abnormalities. The results show residue of heavy metal, protein fibers and fats, allergic tendency, function of livers and digestive system, balance of acid and base, bacteria and parasites in bloodstream, a group with abnormality of the digestive system and with the lack of vitamins and minerals, a group with abnormality caused by deposition of fat, protein and toxin in livers and a group with abnormality of immune system and the infection of bacteria, fungus and parasites.

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