About Us​


THE SKIN DOCTORS is a leading facial institute from Australia with professional skincare therapists who are capable of taking care of all facial problems. A highlight of THE SKIN DOCTORS is remarkably state-of-the-art innovation which was specially designed for those who fear pain !

The facial check-up is performed with 3D Age Skin Care, a technology from Australia, which can accurately indicate all facial skin problems such as wrinkles, freckles and loss of elasticity. After the problems are identified, consumers will be advised to go for various facial programs which suit each different facial problem and individual desire. The technology was designed to serve the slogan ‘High Capacity, Quick Result, Safe and Painless’ without using needles, injection or any other irritating substances.

‘Non Surgery & Neck Shaping’ helps stimulate body’s collagen and elastin production, decreases wrinkles and tightens loosen skin and pores. This is a new alternative without pain, surgery and recovery from THE SKIN DOCTORS.