Energy Fresh Gold

Radiant gold skin treatment, an innovation for youthful face Gold…there is a myth telling about beauty in the old days ‘Pure gold is a secret to youthful and gorgeous skin’.

For example, Cleopatra is a graceful lady with beautiful skin as well as women in Chinese royal family who used a golden roller for a massage. 

An ancient Chinese pharmacopoeia says ‘Gold is a key to juvenile’ and pure gold has been since talked about. Gold causes no allergy or irritation as its purity of 99.99% is transferred into the body and stimulates blood circulation, resulting in healthy skin, the increase of collagen in the deep skin layer and strength of dermis. Moreover, it encourages skin cell renewal and skin moisture, causing the collagen skin layer to be stimulated and to produce new cells.

Collagen will be increased which leads to more skin elasticity and the decrease of wrinkles.

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