Face Infusion

Latest innovation for those who fear needles Face Infusion can gently change skin cells by rolling ‘Diamond Crown’ on rough skin in order to brighten facial skin and reduce the abnormality of melanin production. Moreover, Face Infusion enriches cells producing melanin without dropping crystal powder on the skin, thus, this is gentler to the skin. The technique is the latest innovation which is suitable for those who fear needles. Face Infusion alters conditions of the skin, sets it ready for vitamin absorption by changing skin cells and brings vitamins to the deep skin layer through pores, anode and cathode of ion. Thanks to this, the skin is in a perfect condition to absorb vitamins and is able to gain nutrients more 7 times than when applying cream yourself. Microdermabrasion causes a gentle change of skin cells with the ‘diamond crown’ that eliminates degenerated skin cells for brighter skin and tighter pores. Electroporation helps push vitamins into the deep skin layer. Meanwhile, Micro Pulsation stimulates muscles, urges body’s metabolism, tightens facial skin and decreases wrinkles. Nobel Prizes Face Infusion was designed with the same principle as the technology awarded Nobel Prizes in 2003 by American physicians, Dr. R. Mackinnon and Dr. P. AGRE.

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